The Black Carnival

Come one, come all.


You require no ticket to enter, though your soul would be nice. But don’t let me pressure you. This is a ‘pay what you wish’ situation. Any measly sin will do if that’s all you can offer.

These situations are always so awkward and confusing. Let me explain the nature of this place.

Every story is categorised as either “Chaos” or “Order”.


The story has no connection to other pieces and is meant to be enjoyed alone.


The story is linked to another also categorised under “Order”. Patterns within the titles will tell you which one(s).

And that’s all.

For the sake of your attention span and bewilderment, each piece is achingly brief.

Romance, murder, hauntings. Who knows what you’ll find?

Sideshows and exhibitions are conjured at random. Enter your name into the Murder of Crows to be updated when they pop into existence.